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What is?

Drop Shipping Stores Auto-build Machine

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Auto-connect global suppliers.

Connect suppliers with the ability to handle shippments globally. We connect and integrate all your stores with selected global suppliers. You just click "search" button to import your niche market products from millions of offerings with a single click.

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Not even need to upload product photos or input descriptions.

You don’t need to be an e-commerce expert to run your shop. You don't need to be a tech-savvy person to use the newest and advanced features that improve performance and boost sales. With one, integrated unified platform, you’ll be ready to immediately run your store and use advanced tools like plug Facebook Pixels right into your store(s), sell products directly to your customers, accept orders from 200+ countries, and more.

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Always On

No need to build, host, maintain site yourself.

Achieve always on & new features support system just by creating store(s) with HiDropship. No laborious work in house, so it saves you time and gives you edges to run a successful online shop.

Everything Integrated


from products upload to description to beautiful store layout.

Products are being imported and displayed automatically in your store(s).
  • millions of products from any categories that you could ever think of
  • Automatic import. Not even a single photo that needs you to take care of.
  • Beautiful store layouts. You can choose every store layout from our growing list & it's "FREE".

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Awesome & Pretty

Customizable pretty awesome shop ready in seconds.


Different domains to avoid the conflict interest between you and your customers

  • 2 platforms (more are coming) working seamlessly together
  • (control platform); others (storefront platform)
  • Unlimited drop shipping stores support
  • beta Custom domain name support

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Variety & Access

Millions of products from global suppliers


efforts on us & you take the profit

hiDropship flow search manager - easy access & reduces effort

  1. · No contacting suppliers to get access
  2. · No product infomation editing
  3. · No product image uploading/editing
  4. · 1-click to get products onto your store shelves

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Two Weeks Risk Free Trial

Automate E-Commerce Ventures

$10 USD / Month

  • Millions of products
  • Unlimited products support
  • Unlimited stores support
  • Drop shipping worldwide
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Customized professional looking storefronts with unique URLs
    (automatically being built in seconds)
  • Products/Orders management system
  • Flow Search Manager (in-app search enabled)
  • CMM - Cost Monitor Manager
    (monitor suppliers' pricing change. You will never sell below cost.)
  • beta Custom domain name support

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